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Oh Canada!

If you are a Lisgar patient, it’s kind of hard to miss the huge Canada Flag when you come in! I love Canada and I love Canada Day! I’ve already made sure everyone in our household has Canada T-shirts, and we have our tattoos just waiting to be applied for the day. Martin always wears
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I hate migraines!!

On Saturday, I had a migraine. It came out of nowhere but it was certainly present. It started off as a mild headache but whenever I had to do something active I would be left with pounding/pulsing pain. It was like there was a sudden little miniature person playing the drums in my head. The
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This Winter are You Breathing in Toxins?

With all the cold temperatures we have had lately, you are probably spending lots of time indoors.  We often hear our patients telling us how tired and unmotivated they feel this time of year.  Hibernating is a term that we keep hearing – but what if you were hibernating in an area that is making
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