Chiropractic testimonials and success stories

Our patients well-being is of the utmost importance to us. After all, quality of life is why many come to us for care! Here are some kind words our patients have to say about their care at Oaktree.

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Why our patients love Oaktree!

I love Oaktree because they welcome you into their family. They don’t only do adjustments to care for my physical well being they care about my emotional well being! I heart Oaktree because they help me be the happiest healthiest ME! Helena Devins‎

What’s not to love about OAKTREE! I love the smiling faces that greet us at the front desk and how personal and caring everyone is. Dr. Emilie listens and cares about us not only as clients but individuals as well. Not to mention I feel great and have improved in so many ways this year because of the adjustments! Emma Rosalie Green‎

I love Oaktree because of their genuine concern for my health as well as the amazing results after treatment!! Lill JM‎

I love Oaktree not only they have awesome services and help you with whatever they could but also the awesome Dr. Emilie care about you too… 🙂 Frisca Djan‎

I love Oaktree because of the very personalized service and attentive care provided by Dr. Emilie and the staff! Laurence-Camille Richard‎

Oaktree is such a warm and welcoming place. Everyone on staff is so friendly and genuinely cares about your path to wellness. Thanks for creating such a wonderful environment. Melissa Masson‎

Love Oaktree massages which I needed prior to my recent bilateral hip replacement! What a treat it was to relax in such a comfortable atmosphere while prepping for my surgery! Thanks Oaktree! Jo-Anne Ward‎

Sharing the love for everyone at Oaktree!! You’ve helped me and my family on our path to healing and living a more natural life. You deeply care for all your patients and you’re always smiles. Gracias heart emoticon Alexandra Carolina Noguera‎

I love oaktree because seeing Dr. Emilie has decreased my hip pain, helped with the tension in my back and as an added bonus, greatly increased my posture! Andrea Gilchrist‎

Oaktree rocks! I used to have headaches daily and now I don’t even carry medicine for them because they are GONE… Dr. Emilie is amazing and the clinic is like a family. I can’t say enough good things about them. I highly recommend their gentle, healing chiropractic care Andrea R Hentschel‎

I love Oaktree because everyone is so friendly and welcoming. You truly feel like you’ve known the staff forever, just after a few visits. I believe Oaktree genuinely cares, and that is a great feeling. The health tips are a great bonus too 🙂 Holly Elle‎

I love Oaktree because Dr. Emilie got my back 😉 and the staff is really friendly and welcoming. Léa loves Oaktree because she gets to wear tiny crocs and because she gets stickers after her adjustment. Emilie Cadieux‎

We love Oaktree because they truly care about the patients. They have become like family! And we are more alive because of the care they give us! Tara Villeneuve‎

Seeing Dr. Emilie at Oaktree has decreased headaches, backaches and I’ve had the added bonus of noticing a decrease in scent sensitivity. I highly recommend Dr. Emilie and her team. Kathleen Fairnie‎

I just simply love you guys!! I love Oaktree for all the health tips, from nutrition to treating lactic acid build up after an extensive workout. Boathouse Round Lake‎

What I love about Oaktree is how welcoming the clinic is. From the first time you call to your latest visit, you always feel welcomed, cared for and a part of the Oaktree family. Also, I always enjoy the high level of knowledge of Dr Emilie. Their staff is also great and make the experience even more enjoyable. Georges J-Leclerc

I love Oaktree because Dr. Emilie is so sweet and genuinely cares about her patients! And I know that corrective chiropractic is setting me up for a long, healthy life 🙂 Allison Drake‎

Our family loves Oaktree Chiropractic care for many reasons. First, the staff is absolutely wonderful and kind and very patient with my wild children when they come for care. Also, Dr. Emilie is an amazing doctor who genuinely cares for all her patient. Thank you for taking care of my husband, without Oaktree chiropractic care, my husband would still be in so much pain. He is getting better and I see a difference in him. Diem Chau‎

I love oak tree because chiro has helped not only my shoulder pain but has also corrected my posture and will correct future problems that could have been caused by my inverted neck problem. And also for contests like these wink emoticon Cindy Carrier‎

there are many things that I love about Oaktree! … friendly and helpful staff, flexible scheduling, very educational, to name a few, but most importantly the quality of treatment and the results! Holly Dole‎