Service Fees

Service Fees


Our patients are committed to their health and to following our recommendations for their care. After a comprehensive exam process, each patient is given a specific plan of care in which they receive a certain number of treatments within a given time period.


Your first appointment is a New Patient exam which is $160 and this fee includes your first acupuncture session. The cost for additional sessions varies depending on your recommendations for care and is discussed at your Report of Findings.

Chinese Herbs

We may also prescribe Chinese herbs if we believe they would be of benefit to you. They may be included in your care or may be additional to your acupuncture. If so, it often ranges from $100 for one month or $30 per formula.


Your first appointment is a New Patient exam and it is $100 plus the cost of any x-rays we may recommend. This can be up to $90. The cost for chiropractic adjustments is $47, but may vary depending on your specific recommendations for care. All costs and financial options will be discussed at your Report of Findings.

Our Fees

Acupuncture New Patient Exam: $160 (including your first treatment)
Regular office fees for acupuncture: $70/session
Chiropractic New Patient Exam: $100
X-rays for New Patients (Chiropractic only): up to $90
Regular office fees for chiropractic: $47/adjustment

*Please note, these fees are a guideline only. The actual cost of treatment will be discussed with you before treatment commences.