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ADD, ADHD, And Acupuncture Facebook Live Seminar

Did you know. In one study involving two groups of children with ADHD, one treated with Ritalin and the other treated with acupuncture—results found that both groups experienced the same success rate. However, one month after stopping treatment, the Ritalin group’s success rate came down to 32%, while the acupuncture group’s success rate was still
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Oh Canada!

If you are a Lisgar patient, it’s kind of hard to miss the huge Canada Flag when you come in! I love Canada and I love Canada Day! I’ve already made sure everyone in our household has Canada T-shirts, and we have our tattoos just waiting to be applied for the day. Martin always wears
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I hate migraines!!

On Saturday, I had a migraine. It came out of nowhere but it was certainly present. It started off as a mild headache but whenever I had to do something active I would be left with pounding/pulsing pain. It was like there was a sudden little miniature person playing the drums in my head. The

Ergonomics – what does it mean anyway?

I laughed when I looked up ergonomics – it means, the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. It’s not the term by which we seem to know it! We use this term in the context of our physical position at work and injury prevention – not our efficiency ☺ Our workplace tasks are

You don’t have to be a football player to hit your head

A few years ago, Will Smith starred in a movie called “Concussion.” He later reported he was disappointed because it didn’t create the buzz about the long-term effects of concussions that he was hoping for. Since 2015, whether it was sparked from Hollywood or not, I have noticed more and more talk about concussions, specifically
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Have you ever looked Martin in the eyes?

When I was in grade 13 I had an eye accident. I was helping my dad build a deck and a screw flew into my eye and damaged my pupil. Not a great thing to happen, but Dr. Emilie will say it was a great thing. She was in my English class and was intrigued