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Intermittent Fasting or Breakfast?

Here at Oaktree we often fast for our breakfast. Does that sound weird? I know a lot of people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Is that true? Why would anyone fast for 16 hours a day? Isn’t that crazy? At Oaktree we often do things that are much different
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This Winter are You Breathing in Toxins?

With all the cold temperatures we have had lately, you are probably spending lots of time indoors.  We often hear our patients telling us how tired and unmotivated they feel this time of year.  Hibernating is a term that we keep hearing – but what if you were hibernating in an area that is making
Linden Hills Home

My first Air B&B, Respecting your elders, I love grandmas

I recently went to Minneapolis, Minnesota to learn more about eyes and acupuncture. As I talked about recently, I have opened up more space in my life for this new passion! (add hyper link to previous post) I had a fabulous seminar with Mats Sexton (“the pindoctor”) but funnily enough, my biggest takeaway from this
Martin Perras

Let It Go!

If you have kids, you can probably empathize. The Frozen sound track has become the sound track of my life. Particularly, the theme song “Let It Go!” Because I’m funny like that… listening to Elsa sing prompted me to ponder letting go of something that I’ve really been holding on to. This might sound stupid
Chiropractic Myths and Facts

Chiropractic Myths vs Facts

Myth #1: Chiropractors Crack Your Bones An adjustment is the most common form of treatment used by chiropractors. An adjustment is a non-invasive, manual procedure that is used to correct a dysfunctional area of the spine. The primary goal is to restore function, increase nerve system flow and reduce pain by correcting joint dysfunction in
Be Your Best Podcast Episode 13

Be Your Best Podcast – Paul almost died

Episode #13 : “Paul almost died” Dr. Paul Groulx is one of my best friends and almost died 5 years ago. See what he did to recover and what he is doing today to protect his health. You just never know what’s coming to take you out. Get in touch with Paul at: Watch
Be Your Best Podcast Episode 12

Be Your Best Podcast – Alex the Gymnast

Episode #12 : “Alex the Gymnast” Alex MacInnis is a former national level gymnast, teaching an adult gymnastics program that emphasizes movement, strength, mobility and basic gymnastics skills for all levels and abilities. Founder of “Alex Kazam Gymnastics”, Alex has combined his gymnastics skills and coaching experience to form a unique blend of gymnastics and