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Be Your Best Podcast Episode 12

Be Your Best Podcast – Alex the Gymnast

Episode #12 : “Alex the Gymnast” Alex MacInnis is a former national level gymnast, teaching an adult gymnastics program that emphasizes movement, strength, mobility and basic gymnastics skills for all levels and abilities. Founder of “Alex Kazam Gymnastics”, Alex has combined his gymnastics skills and coaching experience to form a unique blend of gymnastics and
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Be Your Best Podcast Episode 11

Be Your Best Podcast – Pastor Ray Koprowski

Episode #11 : “Pastor Ray Koprowski” Martin speaks with his Pastor Ray Koprowski of Ottawa’s upcoming Harvest Bible Chapel. This podcast speaks directly about Christianity and how it impacts the daily life and values of Martin and Pastor Ray. You can learn more about Harvest Bible Chapel and Pastor Ray Koprowski by visiting Watch
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Be Your Best Podcast - Almost Arrested

Be Your Best Podcast – Almost Arrested

Episode #5 : “Almost Arrested” Often times in life there are grey-areas that test our integrity. Times where we have had a choice to be honest and do the right thing. But, sometimes temptation sneaks in and leads us to believe we deserve a break; times where we let desperation get the better of us.
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Be Your Best Podcast - Why

Be Your Best Podcast – Why?

Episode #4 : “Why?” We often spend to much time trying to understand why. Why is this happening to me? Why am I not seeing the results I want? Why am I the way I am? Focusing constantly on ‘why’ doesn’t always provide us with any answers and often hold us back from actually ‘doing’.
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