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Chiropractic Myths and Facts

Chiropractic Myths vs Facts

Myth #1: Chiropractors Crack Your Bones An adjustment is the most common form of treatment used by chiropractors. An adjustment is a non-invasive, manual procedure that is used to correct a dysfunctional area of the spine. The primary goal is to restore function, increase nerve system flow and reduce pain by correcting joint dysfunction in
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Chiropractic treatment can help recent sports injuries

Better Recovery Through Chiropractic Treatment

6 Reasons Why It’s Important To Seek Chiropractic Treatment After An Injury If there’s one thing you don’t want after an injury, it’s persistent pain or new problems as a result of being injured. While you should visit a doctor immediately, chiropractic treatment is one of your best options to avoid the unpleasant consequences that
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Kids chiropractic health

Chiropractic Health: A Family Affair

Choosing A Chiropractor for Your Entire Family Chiropractic treatment isn’t just for parents with bad backs. Chiropractic healthcare provides a drug-free alternative to many issues and ailments for patients of all ages. Finding a family chiropractor that fits all your family’s needs requires time and research and can be just as intensive (and potentially stressful) as
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Canada flag hanging from trees

A History of Chiropractic Treatment

How Chiropractic Treatment Traveled from the U.S. to Canada If you are considering seeking treatment with an Ottawa chiropractor, you are not alone. While it took many years for it to gain legitimacy in the public eye, chiropractic treatment is now the third-largest primary health care provider in Canada. DD Palmer The Greek meaning of
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A sleeping baby

A Chiropractor for your Newborn?

The Many Benefits of Taking Your Baby to a Chiropractor Taking your baby to a chiropractor can sound a little strange, and maybe even a little scary. Many parents veer away from it due to the many misconceptions surrounding the practice as well as the physical limitations of infants. However, contrary to what people may
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