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I’m not cute, I’m tough!

I told my son Nico that he was cute, and he corrected me with: ”I’m not cute, I’m tough!”

It got me thinking.  You see, I am always looking to my young kids for wisdom related to health. I believe they hold lots of wisdom as they are using much more innate and primal thinking than we are.  Apparently kids are the best at using intuition and their primal brain because they haven’t been corrupted with the world as much as we have as adults.

So let’s get back to his comment.  I’m tough.  I know that he loves watching television with super heroes and it’s the tough ones that seem to always win the day.  That’s probably why he partially wants to be tough, but our world is very much the same.

Being tough and resilient are great qualities in the jungle world.  There’s definitely a survival of the fittest going on! If you acknowledge that, let me ask you, what are you doing to increase your toughness?

The cold winter is among us and many of you dislike the cold.  You tend to feel less vibrant, feel more pain, and experience more depression.  You also feel like our winters are too long.  So many approach it with the “hide and hibernate” approach.  Is avoidance truly the best plan? I have always found “confronting and embracing” a much better approach.

In two weeks, we want to teach you how to love the cold instead of hating it.  This will definitely increase physical and mental “toughness”.  Join us for our Wim Hof seminar:  The only way you will learn to love the cold is by practicing to love the cold and we want to teach you how to do just that.

In the meantime, here’s a few tips on how to get started:

1. Splash cold water on your face every morning first thing in the morning.  This will actually feel great.  You’ll get a little rush from doing it.  Eventually, you won’t even notice it much.  You can also finish your day with the same habit.  Wash your face before going to bed with very cold water.

2.  Tomorrow morning when you go to take your shower finish off with 15 seconds of the coldest your shower will go.  You must count to 15 so you know you have done it.  Once you reach 15, ask yourself, can I do more or another 15?  If so, keep on going.  You can also experiment with presenting the cold water to different parts of your body.  You will find that you get different sensations from the legs, to the back, to the top of your head.  (side note from Dr.Emilie – I tried it, I couldn’t do the coldest, but I put it halfway and lasted 5 seconds x2…this was my first attempt last week!)

3.  Try an ice bath once.  Go to the store and buy a bag of ice.  Fill your bath with cold water and add the ice to it.  Tell yourself you are going to do this one time and see if you survive J  Go in the water and start your stop watch.  Time yourself for 60 sec.  Do whatever you can to stay in there.  Focus on your breath and look at the stop watch.  Once it’s all done, journal how you feel:  Is the blood rushing through your body? How was your breathing?  What happened to your brain?  Did it help with the worries of the regular day to day?  Do you feel “tougher” (as Nico would say).  After drying up you can go take a warm shower or do exercise to warm up.

Resiliency and toughness are like a plant.  They will only grow if you give them some attention and care.  You need to spend time with them to become stronger.

Join us November 13 for a Free “Into to Breathing Into Resiliency” at our downtown location, 231 Lisgar St, at 7pm. 

Then, join us Saturday, November 24 10-2pm ay our Orleans location, 2054 St Joseph Blvd for a full Wim Hof seminar. Tickets can be purchased  here.

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