My Sauna Experience at the Y & Who is Wim Hof?


Once a week I try to go to the Y and spend some time in the sauna.  Sauna is a great way to get some toxins out.  It’s basically my cheap Nordic spa getaway.  I always feel great after doing it.  But this time, my experience wasn’t such a  splash…

The one down side about going to the sauna at the Y is you never know who’s going to be there.  This week I walked into the sauna and there were five other guys just sweating it out.  It was pretty quiet – just the way I like it.  A few minutes later, another guy walked in and he sat next to me.

Within seconds he comments how hot it is and starts chugging a bottle of water.  He starts stretching and continues to shift his weight back and forth.   It doesn’t take much to see that he was uncomfortable with the heat.  He is suffering and wants everyone to know about it.

So here I am trying my best to stay calm and relax and sweat it out while this guy keeps distracting everyone.  He was taking heavy breaths, splashing water from his bottle on him, moving around, just disturbing the entire environment.  At one point, he did a huge faux pas and his knee touched my knee.  There’s a code and he just broke it.  It was clearly unintentional, but still.  This guy would have done much better and would have received more out of his experience if he would have just applied some of my sauna tricks. Basically, these tricks can work for many different stressful situations.

  1. Control your state of mind. Know that often, it is not only a physical battle but also very much a mental battle. If your inner-head keeps reminding you how uncomfortable you are that will have a physical response.  Try to put your head in a good state of mind.  Focus on gratitude and how awesome you get to sweat out your toxins.  Focus on how well the blood is moving through your body.  Focus on how this is improving your mental toughness.  Focus on how this is benefiting your immune system.  If you keep it positive, you have less room for the negative stuff.
  2. Bring a stop watch. There is nothing like having a goal and an actual accurate number on how things are going. You can easily say that you did enough but you are only going by feel and not actually by a specific number.  I always find it helpful to start with a goal, for example, I’m going to stay for 20 minutes in the heat and then go take a cold shower.
  3. Always go a little more beyond…if I can. I also try to go a little further than the actual goal I had set for more personal bonus points. There is something super rewarding to know that you have done a little bit more than what you had originally expected. I have found this to be super helpful for mental confidence. I have often found that we can do a little bit more, so why not!  I think that what separates us from the greats is that the greats are able to push a little more.  It doesn’t need to be much more, but just knowing that you did a little more can have huge effects.
  4. Stay calm and fake it if you need.  I do acupuncture on people all the time and often notice that it is the ones that are super hyper and just rushed that demonstrate lots of pain with the needles.  The acupuncture needles will go in much better when the body is relaxed.  Therefore, I apply this to everything I do.  When I exercise, I try to remain calm.  When I take saunas or cold showers I try to remain calm as I know that it will be much easier if I remain calm than if I make a big deal about it.  Remaining calm works by keeping your facial expression calm and your breathing calm.  The breath is super important in this aspect.  Try to be calm while you’re hyperventilating?  Impossible.  So focus on the breath, don’t make weird faces and you’ll see that it actually goes much better.  (Dr. Emilie can tell you about this for labour, lol)

I hope you will find these helpful.  We have an opportunity for you to try these out.  We have two seminars coming up on the Wim Hof Method.  This is a method that combines a breathing technique with cold exposure that demonstrates incredible healing.  We hope you will join us on Nov 13th Tuesday night at 7:00pm and Nov 24th Saturday from 10-2pm.

Who Is Wim Hof and why would I want to learn this?

Wim “Iceman” Hof has garnered global fame for his ability to embrace freezing temperatures that routinely send victims into hypothermia. He has run bareback marathons in subzero temperatures, climbed the highest mountains on the planet shirtless, and proven to science that he can control his autonomic nervous system with his mind. Interested yet? We are just getting started.

A few Facts About Wim Hof

  1. He climbed Mt. Everest in shorts. Though he never experienced a hint of hypothermia or altitude sickness, Wim surpassed 22,000 feet before a lingering foot injury halted his ascension.
  2. He submerged himself in ice for almost two hours without his core body temperature lowering a degree and broke a world record. Who holds the record for the second- and third-longest attempts? Wim himself.
  3. He completed a marathon in the Namib Desert without water. Temperatures surpassing 104 degrees Fahrenheit and losing over fourteen pounds of waterr didn’t discourage him from finishing this amazing feat. Apparently he does alright in the heat too!
  4. Dressed in nothing by shorts, he completed a full marathon north of the arctic circle in less than six hours.
  5. He eats just once a day, past 6 pm, and has done so for 38 years. Wim claims that this alleviates stress on his body by not having to process excess food. He’ll only cheat and have breakfast on days when he breaks a record.
  6. He swam over 80 meters below an ice shelf north of the arctic circle with one breath. Yes, that’s right — over 250 feet in -30 degree water in one breath. No big deal.
  7. He can take control of his autonomous nervous system. This startling discovery was found by researchers after they attempted to refute his claims by inviting him into into the labs. He was injected with an endotoxin that causes people to get severely sick within minutes. But that was not the case with Wim. Researchers found that the endotoxin didn’t affect him in the slightest, and credited this to his unique ability to harness control over his autonomous nervous system.
  8. He claims that anyone can be like him. Wim teaches thousands of others to harness the strength of the breath, the importance of cold showers, and the practice of meditation. He offers a ten-week course encompassing his meditation practices, as well as numerous retreats and trips that he leads.

Anyone Can Do It! Perhaps the craziest of the facts about Wim Hof is it that he swears that anyone can experience life as he does — if they have the determination to learn. Join us!

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