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4 Lifestyle Changes You Can Make To Banish Dry Eyes

Do you suffer from dry eyes? Dry eyes are one of the most common ailments we encounter at Oaktree. From a society so heavily involved with computer screens to a rushed diet leaving many of us nutrient deprived we are seeing an increase in those suffering from dry eyes. During my time as an acupuncturist, I have seen many patients who suffer from dry eyes. More often than not their success is coupled with changes to their lifestyle. Read on as I share with you my top four tips that you can do today to help with your dry eyes.

1. Consume more good quality fats. Supplementing with fish oil or even increasing your consumption of fish and nuts can improve your eye health in so many ways. What many people don’t know is that the tears have a layer of fat that prevents the water on the surface of your eye from evaporating. In order to maintain well-lubricated eyes this membrane needs to function properly. Keeping this layer of your eye healthy is by far the most important factor you can upkeep at home. If you need a little more help we have great eye drops that are available for purchase at our clinic. These drops are high in fat and when applied to the eyes before bed will help replenish the membrane, keeping it well lubricated throughout the day.

2. Keep your air clean. Air quality plays an incredibly large role in keeping our eyes moist and comfortable. If the air quality is poor, your eyes can become irritated, this will eventually lead to dryness. What steps can you take at home or in the office? Consider purchasing an air purifier or even a houseplant to maintain the air quality and keep your eyes happy.

3. Practice blinking exercises. With so many of us staring at our screens for hours upon hours a day it is inevitable that we are seeing an influx of dry eye complaints. By staring at a screen for long periods of time whether we are at work, on our phone, an electronic book, or feeling stressed our eyes will soon become dry and irritated. There are many blinking exercises online, one of my favorites is simply closing your eyes, squeezing them shut, pausing for three seconds and then opening. Repeating this sequence a few times every hour will help keep your eyes well lubricated while staring at a screen.

4. Consider your meds. Dry eyes are a side effect of many common medications, from antihistamines to blood pressure reducers. When visiting your doctor or acupuncturist for dry eyes it is important to tell them every medication you are taking as your dry eyes may simply be a side effect of your medication. You may be able to switch to a medication without dry eyes as a side effect.

At the end of the day, our current lifestyles are putting many of us at a risk of dry eyes. It is imperative that we take action to prevent and reduce the possibility of getting dry eyes. Do you suffer from dry eyes? For the rest of the summer, Oaktree is running a dry eye trial in which you can save $350 on a fully customized acupuncture plan aimed at treating your dry eyes. If you are interested in joining our Summer Dry Eye Trial secure your spot by signing up before August 31st, 2018. Contact us today to get started!

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