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Oh Canada!

If you are a Lisgar patient, it’s kind of hard to miss the huge Canada Flag when you come in! I love Canada and I love Canada Day! I’ve already made sure everyone in our household has Canada T-shirts, and we have our tattoos just waiting to be applied for the day. Martin always wears the same red t-shirt and red basketball shorts (he kind of looks like a tomato all red, but he knows how much I appreciate it!)

I used to be a tour guide at the Parliament when I was a university student. I absolutely loved that job! I remember the feeling each day as I arrived, just staring up at the beautiful buildings, thinking: “It is so amazing that I get to work here”. While working there I found out they change the flag daily and you can apply to get one. I did – it took 10 years before I received it and it is amazing! I just checked and I guess word got out, now you have to wait 99 years to get the flag from the Peace Tower (86 years for the others). I guess it’s the kind of thing you leave your grand-children. I put my kids on the list when it was about 45 years long, phew!

I’m side-tracking…because when I think back to the time I worked at Parliament, absolutely loving my job, it doesn’t come close to how much I love working with everyone at Oaktree – team and patients included!

We are so blessed to work in a job we love, helping people every day. Many people are coming to stay healthy and be the best version of themselves they can, while others are working towards regaining their health, mobility and function. We are happy we get to work alongside you, through the good times and the bad. Our first patient at Oaktree started coming 7 years ago, technically before we opened. He came in last week and he was explaining how he’s been going through some very trying times these last few months. We are happy to be a place he can keep getting love and support. We love each of you dearly.

We are honoured that you choose us to work with you, your health and your families – thank you!

Dr. Emilie, Martin, Dr. Katrina, Hannah, Kim, K, Brittany, Alicia & Céline

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