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I woke up with my arms numb today… Is that ironic since I’m a Chiropractor?

Yesterday I went for my first motorcycle ride with Martin. It was great! He got a motorcycle three years ago and had this image of taking me out on a date, riding around, stopping for dinner…It was exactly as he imagined.

Except, being the nerdy chiropractor I am, I was thinking of my spine probably half the time! I was essentially sitting on the wheel, so every bump was accentuated. I had to lean my head to the right so I wouldn’t bump his helmet with mine. Eventually, I settled in and anticipated the bumps on the road and it got better. I started really liking it!

Some of you know my spine because I show most of my patients my xrays. My neck is actually really good now compared to where it used to be. But because the curve in my neck was essentially backward for 20 years, one of the discs in my neck was under more compression. Even though I’m not yet 40, I have degenerative disc disease at C5-6 and degenerative joint disease. Sounds crazy right?

My neck 20 yrs ago Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 3.57.35 PM My neck nowC5-6 is compressed (where you see the arrow). The nerves that come out of that space go down the arms into the hands. I think my ride yesterday caused some compression. So I woke up with my arms numb. Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 3.57.43 PM

I receive specific chiropractic adjustments and do special exercises and traction for this part of my neck. It took a long time to correct the alignment.

Would I go riding again? Yes! Especially since I know how to keep fixing my neck ☺

We all have dreams and want to do great things. For many people, they get there and their body doesn’t cooperate. I have patients who want to retire and golf every day, but they get there and have plantar fasciitis and shoulder problems so they can’t. Or someone who wants to garden all day, but their back and knees don’t allow it. Take care of your body now, so you can enjoy it for years to come!

Maybe even go riding!

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