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Have you ever looked Martin in the eyes?

When I was in grade 13 I had an eye accident. I was helping my dad build a deck and a screw flew into my eye and damaged my pupil. Not a great thing to happen, but Dr. Emilie will say it was a great thing. She was in my English class and was intrigued by my eyes. She thought one was blue and one was green, and thought that was cool. We started dating shortly after. In reality, one of my pupils was so dilated it looked darker. She’d now say it was false advertising, but I still have one pupil more dilated so it does look darker blue ☺

Most of us know what to do for our oral care. We were taught to brush, floss and avoid sweets. But we haven’t been taught much on how to keep our eyes healthy. Obviously wearing safety glasses is now a must in our house, but I’m talking about regular, everyday eye health.

The reality is that most of us really don’t know much about the eyes. We take them for granted and expect them to work forever. Until they don’t. When things start to get blurry, we start with glasses and with time stronger glasses and more.

What if we could do something to avoid the glasses, drops and surgeries? The eye actually has amazing healing capacity. It is one of the areas in our body that can heal the most. A scratch to the retina can be healed within 48 hours with no intervention. Some experts even say you can do eye exercises to avoid even needing glasses.

One of the common problems with our eyes is staring. Think about how often you stare at your computer, tablet, phone, TV, a loved one (haha) etc… When we look at something close, we naturally tense our eyes to focus. We also lean forward and have a forward head posture. The reduced amount of blinking also causing dryness.

When our eyes feel like they are getting tired, we start rubbing them, but that isn’t good. Too much eye rubbing can actually damage the cornea.

Here’s a much better approach to relieve eye strain:

1. Practice blinking for 30 seconds continuously.

2. Close your eyes and smile. This will naturally allow you to let go some of the eye tension.

3. Rub your hands together until they feel warm and then put your palms and your eyes and feel the heat. Remain that way for 30 seconds.

We would like to teach your much more about how to take better care for your eyes. We are hosting a Facebook Live seminar on March 5th at 7PM (date has changed since last week!). Make sure to check us out as Martin and two other optometrists will be sharing lots of valuable information about eye care.

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