Nutrition or exercise for better health - chose one

Nutrition Or The Gym: Pick One

Why You Shouldn’t Commit To A New Diet And Workout At The Same Time

It’s not easy committing to a new diet or a new workout plan at the gym—it’s even harder committing to both at once. Let’s face it, at some point, you’re going to slip—you’re only human, it happens!—and when it does, the pressure you’ve put on yourself can make a simple mistake seem like the end of the world. That’s the last thing you need starting either of these plans.

What’s the solution, then? Focus on one thing at a time!

When you start down the path to a better, fitter you, focus on your diet first. It’s much harder to change eating habits than it is to add a workout to your schedule, so start with nutritional health first and stick with it until it’s second nature.

Here are the top reasons why you shouldn’t combine a brand-new diet with an exercise plan:


Commitment is hard. Maybe you can make a new diet and new gym plan work for you—that’s great! But chances are you’re going to hit a few speed bumps on the way to your goals, and when you’re starting out, it can take some time to sort things out. One little mistake could cause you to abandon your goals entirely, and that’s the last thing you want. Focus on nutritional health first, and lay a solid foundation you can build on.


Switching to a new diet, you’re going to have to adapt to foods you’re not used to. Your appetite will likely take some time to catch up, and you might experience more hunger and feelings of sluggishness than you’re used to. This is normal, but can you imagine combining that exhaustion with three trips to the gym a week? You’re almost guaranteeing you’ll burn out!

High Pressure

This ties in with commitment, but you’re setting some pretty high standards when you combine a brand new nutrition health plan with gruelling workouts at the gym. The goal is a better version of yourself, no matter where you start, and setting high standards carries a lot of pressure. Remember, it doesn’t matter where you start, it’s about your goals—so keep that in mind and give yourself some breathing room.

No one is saying you can’t make this double commitment work, but keep this in mind: we’ve all seen friends make big, ambitious resolutions for the New Year…and they’re often the same resolutions from the year before. Setting realistic goals is a much better way to build towards lasting success. It might take more time, but it’ll be worth it. Focus on your nutrition health goals first, and you’ll be in a better position when you eventually hit the gym.


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