Fussy baby needs chiropractor

How A Chiropractor For Babies Can Help Your Fussy Newborn

If Nothing Seems To Calm Your Baby, You Should Consider A Chiropractor For Babies

Caring for a newborn is stressful enough without the added worrying when the baby just won’t seem to calm down. Since the baby can’t tell you what’s wrong, a lot of guesswork is involved in trying to solve the problem—the trouble is, the issue might not be something you’d expect. Chiropractors for babies know that newborn chiropractic care can not only resolve problems, but actually improve a baby’s quality of life.


When you’ve fed, burped, and changed the baby but they’re still obviously distressed, it often means there’s something very uncomfortable going on internally. A chiropractor for babies will be able to assess your child and find the solution right away. It could be something as simple as a regular back adjustment, or it could be that something like the atlas or mastoid is out of alignment and needs to be put back in place. Caught early enough, frequent visits to a chiropractor for babies can actually prevent colic from worsening and eventually stop it altogether.


Chiropractic treatment can also help your newborn sleep through the night. If their back or related areas are sore and improperly aligned, it’s no wonder they wake up to fuss throughout the night. Chiropractors for babies highly recommend routine visits if a baby is waking up several times in the night with no other obvious issue (hungry, wet diapers, etc.). Similarly, chiropractic care can also help reduce and downright prevent digestive problems such as gas and acid reflux. It’s important to remember that any preventative measures such as these require regular visits to the chiropractor – it’s not just a one-time thing.


Lastly, a chiropractor for babies recommends bringing your newborn in simply to ease their general body tension. A brand new human is experiencing a lot for the first time every single day and it can be quite stressful on their little bodies, and all that tension can cause them to become quite fussy. Chiropractic treatment can relax the baby’s muscles and reduce the tension throughout their body. After all, who doesn’t feel cranky when they’re tense?


If you’ve exhausted the normal solutions for fixing your newborn’s fussy behavior and nothing has worked, it’s time to consider calling a chiropractor for babies and schedule an appointment to have your baby assessed. You can contact a local professional to answer any questions or concerns you may have surrounding your baby’s treatment.

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