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5 tips to make your New Years resolutions a success

The New Year is approaching and that means resolutions. A fresh start!!

I love fresh starts.

Here are my Top 5 tips to make sure you are successful at your fresh start.

1. Write it down.

I can’t say enough about the power of writing what you want out of life down on paper. This is an incredible trick. Writing something down on paper dramatically improves your odds of being successful at your goal. I usually have a vision board/a “one pager” that has both pictures and words that represent all of my goals for the year.

2. Clarity.

Often we have goals and want things, but it is really fuzzy in our brain what exactly we really want. Being precise and clear on what exactly we are looking to achieve helps us get there! This allows you to mentally see it and smell it and touch it and this will improve your odds of success. Saying I want to be healthy this year isn’t very clear. You need to define it! Do you want to be able to run 5 km? Do you want to be able to be more active with your kids at the park? Give yourself very specific goals.

3. Accountability.

Share it with everyone. The more accountability you have to the people around you – the greater the chance that you will not let them down. When you do fail, don’t shy away from your accountability people. Swallow your pride and tell them that you are struggling. You would be surprised how your next step often needs to come from someone else to give you the little boost you need to get going again! None of us succeed on our own. We all need help from time to time.

4. Do it, do it, do it.

Too many people are “talkers” and not enough people are “doers.” Even if you aren’t clear on what you need to do, just do something. Keep doing and eventually things will make sense. Stop thinking and start doing. Be okay with not taking a lot of time to analyze, ponder and think about it. Just do it! In my books, I find that it is better to do something than to think about doing something. If the thing you are doing eventually ends up not working, then move on to do something else that takes you there. Just keep doing something.

5. Persistence.

Don’t quit. If you fail, you should be excited about your failure! Why? Because, failure is how we learn to succeed. So be excited, even thrilled, about what you have learned from your stumble and get right back up! The major reason why people aren’t successful is because they fail to get back up after a failure.

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