Lebron James cell phone cause cancer

How Lebron James’ Cell Phone Gave Him Mouth Cancer

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Even if you aren’t an avid gossip magazine reader, surely you’ve heard about some of the extreme measures that celebrities are now taking for their health. Angelina Jolie and her breast removal surgery was the catalyst for me to dig deeper into the lives of celebrities and the things they promote.

Often, celebrity health issues simply don’t make sense. Their “random health problems” just seem so, well…random…and out-of-the-blue to the general public.

But I am here to tell you these random health problems are not really random at all.

In this article, you’ll learn about why Lebron James’ salivary gland tumor really happened (Lebron recently underwent a 5 hour surgery to remove his tumor). While the consensus that most mouth tumors are benign, that didn’t seem to be the case for poor Lebron.

Salivary Gland Tumors Entering the Mainstream

More celebrities than just Lebron James have been dealing with salivary or parotid gland tumors. For example, John McCain and Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys are two more famous cases of salivary gland tumors. Unfortunately, Adam Yauch lost his life due to his tumor at the age of 47 years old.

So why are these tragedies happening? What is it that politicians, basketball players and musicians have in common?

Just think about it:

They frequently travel and expose themselves to radiation, both in the airport and on planes.

They are in high demand by others which often calls for extremely frequent cell phone use.

They are celebrities – there’s simply far less time to turn off and decompress, destress or detoxify.

So is their excessive cell phone use – along with these other damaging life variables – causing their tumors? Although a one study found that short-term use of cell phones did not lead to an increased risk of salivary gland tumors, the authors were unsure of the long-term risks. Another study found no increase in risk for brain tumors after short-term cell phone use, but said they are “waiting for long-term studies to surface”.

Is Cell Phone Danger Just A Conspiracy Theory?

Do these studies sound a bit like the relaxed attitude towards leaded gasoline or cigarettes when they began? Scientist Clair Patterson was living in fear each day due to the mass poisoning that lead was causing in cities with cars and to the health of the ocean. The lead concentration levels in the oceans were rising and were directly correlated from leaded gasoline. The gasoline industry didn’t want to hear it. After all, it was big business, and big business is big money.

However, the gasoline companies later hired other scientists to attempt to disprove and convince the public that leaded gasoline was really safe. The full account of this story is shown in Neil Tyson’s TV series called Cosmos. In my opinion, it’s a must watch episode for every citizen of the planet.

But back to cell phones.

There are scientists, politicians and average everyday people like myself who are concerned about the billions of cell phones that are being produced and used each day on this planet. Why haven’t we questioned or paused for a moment to ask how these things may be affecting us on the cellular level? I forgot about the power of money, I suppose. The tech industry is one of the few industries that has boomed in the global recession. It would be catastrophic to the world economy if we were just to abandon the cell phone industry. And besides, we are far too addicted to our tech toys to leave them behind.

If we keep assuming everything is safe until proven dangerous (pesticides, GMO’s), we will lead ourselves into human extinction. Scientists have long documented the decline in life expectancy in the 21st century here. It’s no surprise to those of us that are aware of the multi-faceted toxic world we live in. Without the ability to detoxify or find nurturing foods, it’s no surprise when we look at the statistics. And when you add in cell phone towers every 200 yards throughout the city, along with WiFi centers spreading like some sort of bacteria, you can really begin to grasp the scale of this issue.

Straying Away From Nature

There’s a reason you feel more at ease when you are immersed in nature. As someone who spent a lot of time building hiking trails and working in fields in an area with zero cell phone towers, I can tell you that my anxiety and breathing issues are much more relaxed when I’m in those natural environments. When it comes to stress, there are certainly many factors at play, but EMF is a big factor.

As Ben points out in the well-researched article “How To Detox Your Home“, exposure to EMF has been linked to headaches, fatigue, depression, hyperactivity, eye strain, muscle cramps or twitches, poor sleep quality due to reduced melatonin secretion (as stated by the Bioinitiative Report), anxiety, autism, blood-brain barrier permeability, blood sugar dysregulation and heart palpitations.

And this isn’t just cell phones we’re talking about. I must point out that there is more than just one type of damaging electromagnetic field (EMF), including:

-Radiation frequency, WiFi, cell phone and cell towers coming from your home, public transit, airplane, environment and anywhere where a large group of people with tech gadgets congregate.

-Dirty electricity coming from appliances near your bedroom, fuse boxes, smart meters, hair dryers, televisions, power lines, light fixtures, microwaves and other electronics. You can test anything with your Trifield meter. The safe limit is 1mG.

-Non-native magnetic fields from extension cords, power outlets, some electronics and metal bed frames.

Perhaps you’re getting the idea why the massive post-industrial surge in cancer rates is not just limited to mouth cancer. It’s affecting every cell in our entire body – above and beyond simply our heads.

But WiFi Is Just So Cool!

Even if you’re not personally much of a “cell phone person”, the pervasiveness of WiFi should be concerning to you.

Here in Austin, Texas, the public transit sector has put a huge marketing campaign into promoting their new buses that contain the fastest WiFi. Companies are creating entire businesses based around in-flight WiFi to satisfy our need to conduct “important business” from the airplane.

But has no one realized that buses and airplanes are essentially metal, enclosed microwave boxes? We are simply stuffed inside of them like a TV dinner waiting to explode!

A recent story I overheard at the airport was about the number of tech gadgets each person was carrying. People now have a smartphone, tablet, laptop and usually a few more random electronic “toys”. Take those three gadgets – multiplied by a flight of 150 people who do not follow the “airplane mode” rule – and you have 400+ devices bouncing signals around an airplane cabin.

There should be an immediate requirement and stricter enforcement against devices not put in airplane mode until further studies can disprove the evidence against our health. But I doubt this will happen. Skeptics or people who have no clue about this subject simply want to conduct business and play with their toys – optimizing productivity or being plugged into the world over health. I personally make ever effort possible to travel on airplanes and transit systems that do not have these features available.

Kids Are At Risk Too

When I was in school, cell phones and WiFi  weren’t pervasive in the school system. I was safe. But now, 5 year old kids are taking smart phones to school and are sitting in a WiFi bath throughout the enitre day. Almost anyone who has raised a child is aware that a child’s skulls is not as dense as an adults, so they have less protection against these invisible forces.

This article quoted The Council of Europe Parliament, who looked at evidence of these technologies and the potential harmful effects on humans and concluded that “immediate action is required to protect the children”.

The Council proposed putting the following measures into place:

Set thresholds for levels of long-term exposure to microwaves of the type emitted by mobile phones;

Introduce clear labeling on products indicating the presence of electromagnetic fields and any health risks associated with use;

Ban all mobile phones and wireless networks in classrooms and schools;

Run information campaigns aimed at children and young adults about the risks to human health;

Step up research on less-dangerous types of antennae and mobile phones.

What’s Next?

Although the World Health Organization still has a conservative stance on cell phones, cell towers and electromagnetic radiation, they too point to the fact that these 4G advanced technologies have not been around long enough to see the full effect on society. I personally expect their stance to begin to change as the evidence continues to pile up.

What You Can Do

Fortunately, there are action steps you can take right now to ensure you’re not swimming in the same EMF-filled soup that Lebron James’ head has been exposed to for so long. Ben has discussed many of these solutions in detail in his “How To Biohack The Ultimate Healthy Home” e-book, but here’s a quick list to get you started:

  1. Turn off at night or completely remove or disable WiFi from your home and hardwire your computer. I’ve noticed faster recovery, deeper and more restful sleep accompanied by an increase in dreams and dream recall.
  2. Use antennasearch.com when you’re moving to a new location or planning to build a home. Pick the location with minimal or no towers whenever possible.
  3. Avoid holding your cell phone right up to your head when talking. Use the speakerphone or hold the phone away from your head while turning up your volume.
  4. Avoid cell phone use in the car or put it on airplane mode.
  5. Do not use bluetooth headsets. Only use air-tube headsets (Ben discusses them in this article).
  6. Turn off the breaker to your bedroom at night if you’ve got access to the breaker box.
  7. Use a Trifield meter or even a Lapka device to survey your work area and home for unsafe levels of magnetic fields.
  8. Use Dirty Electricity Filters if your magnetic level readings are safe and below 1mG using the 0-3 feature.
  9. Do not bring any electronics into the bedroom.
  10. Get rid of your metal-containing mattress and bed frame as they act like an antenna. Many people report better sleep by switching to a wood frame and metal and toxin-free mattress.
  11. Use your laptop hooked up to an external display with wired (not wireless or bluetooth!) keyboard and mouse. My Macbook Air emits over 5mG from the keyboard.
  12. Keep the head of your bed away from the wall where wires or electrical outlets are present.
  13. Make an effort to immerse yourself in nature and other places where EMF exposure will be minimized.
  14. Ground yourself to the earth in a safe manner, such as by frequently getting barefoot outside.
  15. Drink more spring water, as EMF tends to dehydrate you.
  16. Don’t let children, preferably anyone under age 10, have long exposure to cell phones.
  17. Deny and refuse smart meters at all costs. If your state prevents you from rejecting their installation, attempt to find a safer home and in the meantime, maximize your distance.
  18. Maintain adequate mineral status – including magnesium – as mineral deficiencies can allow heavy metal toxicity, further creating a “human antenna” effect.
  19. Engage in love, laughter and joy to maintain a light-hearted attitude and stress response.
  20. Do your best and take small steps each day to minimize exposure and risk.

Think about what you can do to mitigate some of these risks. Would you actually be able to live without your cell phone? Is this all a conspiracy? Do you think celebrities are destroying themselves with all their cell phone use, plane flights and stress? Leave your thoughts, comments and feedback below this post.


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