Oaktree health challenge - Donate $100 to Charity

Oaktree Health Challenge – Donate to Charity

At Oaktree, we are driven by helping others live happy, healthy lives and achieving your ultimate potential.

Not everyone is blessed with health or good fortune though. Supporting our community and local causes is very important and this week we want you to help give back by donating $100 to a local charity of your choice. Seek out local causes that you have a passion for or whose cause is close to your heart.

If you can’t afford to donate money, donate your time. There are plenty of charities and organizations looking for volunteers or a helping hand. Ask at a local soup kitchen, volunteer as support for a local charity event – there are plenty of people in need of your help.

Canadian Ten Dollar Bill

Every week we will have a challenge for you to conquer! If you complete our challenge, fill out the form below to be entered into our weekly draw to win a $10 cash reward!

Our challenges are not just for Oaktree patients – get your friends and family involved!

Deadline for this challenge: Sunday July 28th @ midnight

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