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Oaktree Health Challenge – Try kombucha or kefir

Both kombucha and kefir are fermented drinks loaded with organic acids, enzymes, beneficial microflora and vitamins.

If you haven’t tried them before, or even if they are already a part of your regular diet, we challenge you to have kefir or kombucha for 5 days this week!

Give your body the nourishment it needs to keep you healthy and your immune system top notch!

Watch for our next post explaining more about what kombucha and kefir are, how they are made and why they are so beneficial to your health!

Canadian Ten Dollar Bill

Every week we will have a challenge for you to conquer! If you complete our challenge, fill out the form below to be entered into our weekly draw to win a $10 cash reward!

Our challenges are not just for Oaktree patients – so get your friends and family involved!

Deadline for this challenge: Sunday June 15th @ midnight

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