Burst into Spring Contest

Burst into Spring Contest!

Let’s have some FUN while getting FIT and sharing the message of health!

Our vision is to help people become as healthy as possible so they can LIVE THE LIFE they were meant to live. We want to help you, your family and your friends achieve optimum health.

Each ballot you earn will enter your name into a draw & you could win one of these prizes!

How do I get ballots?

5 ballots for:

  • Referring someone for a chiropractic or acupuncture consultation (we will provide gift certificates for you to pass on)

3 ballots for:

  • Liking us on Facebook and/or following us on Twitter
  • Writing a positive review on Google Places and/or Yelp

* See below for links and how-to’s for this category

1 ballot for:

  • Just for being a patient here! It’s that easy!
  • Renewing your care plan
  • Every day you do BURST training (see back of page for details!)
Draw will take place on May 30th

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You will need to email us each day you do your burst training at: [email protected] – subject title “Burst”

With BURST training, who can use “no time” as an excuse for not getting healthy and in the best shape of your life? Let’s put it this way: what works better for your busy schedule—three minutes a day of exercise or twenty-four hours a day of being dead?

Calculate maximum heart rate

  • 220 – your age = maximum
  • During burst, pulse should be 75-85% of maximum

Here is an example of a BURST:

(we suggest staring at 20sec, but can go up to 60sec)

  1. Twenty seconds of full-on exercise (as hard as you can)
  2. Twenty seconds of rest
  3. Repeat this cycle three times—twenty seconds on, off, on, off, on, off.
  4. Follow this with two minutes off, as recovery time is important to achieve the full BURST effect.
  5. Now repeat this entire cycle three times with a different exercise, which means you are performing three minutes of total exercise. That’s approximately nine minutes total elapsed time.
  6. Repeat these BURST workouts 4-7 days per week

BURST exercise examples:

  • Stepping up and down on a step (+/- weights)
  • Riding a bicycle or stationary bike
  • Running in place (normal, high knees, kick butt), Running in place in a pool
  • Swimming laps
  • Rollerblading
  • Rower or elliptical machine
  • Squats (narrow legs, wide), jump squats, lunges
  • Push ups
  • Jump in place, jump rope, jumping jacks
  • Burpees

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